About the Author

AlmaJeanne Baptiste is a popular writer of Historical Romantic Novels for young audiences. She is a graduated of Economics and European Law, but with the heart of a writer and the soul of a traveler who cannot stay for long in the same place. Her work is based in the Capital of Europe, Brussels, but she is constantly on the move, traveling around the world, exploring, learning and writing.
Native from Czech Republic, Jeanne left her country at a young age, being educated in several countries including France, Belgium and Germany. During her childhood, Jeanne witnessed the end of the communist regime in her country, an event that has influenced and shaped a big part of her world views, her love for self-determination and the freedom of speech.
Jeanne is author of several books and poems including the popular series: The Enchantment of the Fairies. A set of fantasy books exploring the old religions of Europe in the pre-Christian Era, the series is a mix of historical romance and magical fantasy.

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