Blue Book

Chapter I: A day to remember

Soundtrack 1: Gary Stadler & Stephanie – Veil Of Elphame


Soundtrack 2: Lisa Thiel – The Litha (Sumer Solstice)

Jana on the night previous to her 9th birthday while remembering the stories of her grandma and wishing for a vision to the midsummer night.

Chapter II: The education of a princess

Soundtrack 3:  Lisa Thiel – Samhain

Jana and her family celebrating the first Samhain after the death of her Grandmother Maya.

Soundtrack 4:  Lisa Thiel – Faery Song

Jana and her Grandmother contemplating the fairy dance.

Soundtrack 5: Gilles Floro – Salsa

Salsa fairy dance. The fairies show to Jana a vision of her very distant future.

Chapter III: My friends the nun and the sun

Soundtrack 6:  Juanes – Tu Guardian

In her dream Jana fights the monsters and demons that haunt her in visions.

Soundtrack 7: Lisa Thiel – Yule (Winter Solstice)

Jana goes to sleep after hearing from his father the story about the Yule, feeling safe knowing that the sun is back and the wild hunt is over.

Chapter V: The legend of king Samo

Soundtrack 8: Harry Gregson–Williams – The Pilgrim Road

Jana imagining the story of King Samo

Chapter VI: The Golden cage

Soundtrack 9: Natacha Atlas – Light of Life

Jana is travelling from Moravia to Aachen. I believe in paradise, the path of light shall lead me out of the valley of temptation.

Chapter VII: The Lovely Clown

Soundtrack 10: Gary Stadler & Stephanie – The Garden of Dreams

Jana is at the gardens of Aachen dreaming of home.

Soundtrack 11: Silbermond – Das Beste

Song of Beltane, Jana meets Philipp for the first time

Chapter VIII: Welcome to my Garden of dreams

Soundtrack 12: Michael Bublé – Ave Maria

Philipp sings a song in Latin for Jana as a Christmas present.

Chapter XIII: The true rider of the dark horse

Soundtrack 13: Smash Mouth – I’m a Believer

Tournament Semifinals.

Soundtrack 14: Celtic Moments – King of the Fairies

Music of the first dance between Philipp and Jana at the Royal Dance

Chapter XIV: True love shall set you free

Soundtrack 15: Marc Anthony – Que Precio Tiene El Cielo

Dance at the stables

Soundtrack 16: Salsa kids – Dejame un Beso

And this kiss is just in case I never see you again.

Chapter XV: Promises of two young lovers

Soundtrack 17: Juanes – Para tu Amor

Lovers in the Garden of Dreams

Chapter XVI: The Return to Moravia

Soundtrack 18:  Nightwish – Sleeping Sun

Jana receives a letter from Philipp who is fighting war at Roncevaux Pass

Soundtrack 19:  Evanesence – My Immortal

Jana trying to forget the memory of Philipp thinking that he is dead

Soundtrack 20:  Fergie – Big Grils Don’t Cry

Jana tells Philipp that she cannot correspond to his love because she is married now

Soundtrack 21:  Marc Anthony – No Me Ames

Jana decides to spend one last night with Philipp

Chapter XVII: The Death of an Angel

Soundtrack 22:  RyanDan – Tears of an angel

Jana cries  for the death of Philipp

Chapter XVIII: The awakening

Soundtrack 23:  Loreena McKennitt – Mystic’s Dream

The awakening

Chapter XIX: Ghost dance at rendezvous

Soundtrack 24: Michael Bublé – Save The Last Dance For Me

The Ghosts dance during the Sahmain.



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