Red Book

Chapter I: No Longer a Child

Soundtrack 1:  Enya – Fairytale

Introduction, Philipp falling asleep while locked in the room remembering his mother, his sister and the fairy tale stories

Chapter II: The Holy Man

Soundtrack 2: Israel Kamakawiwo – Somewhere under the rainbow

Philipp is traveling by horse to his new home in Aachen while remembering his childhood adventures and saying goodbye to his hometown.

Chapter III: The Priestess

Soundtrack 3: Enya – If I could be where you are

Philipp and Nicodemus are both remembering memories of Emma.

Chapter IV: The House of Thousand Horses

Soundtrack 4:  Bryan Adams – Here I am

Philipp working as a horse keeper.

Chapter VI: The Moravian Princess

Soundtrack 5:  Enya – Watermark

Philipp contemplating Jana for the first time at the Palace’s garden.

Chapter VIII: Speechless Love

Soundtrack 6:  Beatles – Here comes the Sun

Song of Jana: Philipp exchanging flowers & fruits for smiles.

Chapter IX: The Old Master

Soundtrack 7:  Twisted Sister – Were Not Gonna Take It

Philipp training to become a night in preparation for the tournament

Chapter X: A Tournament for a Queen

Soundtrack 8: Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting

Comic moments at the Tournament qualifying matches

Soundtrack 9: Stepenwolf – Born To Be Wild

Song of Lilla in rage: Tournament finals

Soundtrack 10: Enrique Iglesias – I Can Be Your Hero

Ball at the Palace after the tournament

Chapter XI: The Peasant Princess.

Soundtrack 11: La India – Seduceme

Scene of the dance and kiss between Jana and Philipp at the party in Liutger’s house.

Soundtrack 12: Bryan Adams – Everything I Do I Do It for You

Kisses at the Palace Garden

Chapter XII: The Orphan

Soundtrack 13: Sarah McLachlan – Wintersong

Philipp camping in the forest opening the box after finding out of his mother’s dead and remembering the Christmas he spent with her

Chapter XIV: The Forbidden Garden

Soundtrack 14: Abraham Mateo – Jardín Prohibido

The forbidden Garden

Chapter XV: The Deception of a Knight

Soundtrack 15: Bryan Adams – Brothers under the Sun

Death of old Master Renault, Philipp remembers the trips by horse he made along with his beloved master, his teachings and the many battles they fought together

Chapter XVII: The Winter of a Summer Dream

Soundtrack 16: Silbermond – Symphonie

Philipp in the garden after meeting with the Moravian Queen

Chapter XVIII: Revelations

Soundtrack 17: Bedrich Smetana – The Moldau(Vltava)   




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