The Red Book

Part of

The Enchantment of the Fairies Series


Deep in the forest of the Ardennes, a twelve-year-old boy, named Philipp, lives with his mother and siblings. After a hard and long winter, his mother struggles to feed the family, and fearing for the lives of her children, she gives Philipp away to a wealthy family with the expectation that, this way, he will have a better future.

Philipp goes to work in Aachen, Capital of the Holy Roman Empire, at this place, he has a date with destiny; a totally unexpected story unfolds when Philipp discovers the secrets of his origin, discovering among other things that his mother is not just a common farmer, but she was once a priestess of an ancient cult.

Philipp’s story takes place at a crossroad in time, when Christianity is replacing the old religions of Northern Europe and Philipp must choose between the old ways and the new.

Philipp embraces the way of life of his new home, championing Christianity wherever he goes, but destiny and love will teach him a lesson, that there is more in this world than your eyes can see and your hands can touch, and that behind every religion; Christian or pagan, the truth lies hidden.


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